Our Customization Process

Living bliss has a number of furniture designs for you to start your selection. We offer beds, side tables, dining tables and TV consoles and more!

For some of the pieces, a size selection is required. For example our bed sizes include Double, Queen or King.


Pine is a soft wood with an outstanding grain structure. Southern yellow pine is commonly used in the furniture production. Pine, left in its natural form or stained, will enhance any piece of furniture. It is a soft wood with reasonability density which enables quality furniture to be produced from it.




Sapele is a hard wood high in density and is considered an outstanding substitute for mahogany. The grain structure of sapele is also not outstanding, but it is an ideal material for replacing mahogany for the use of furniture.





Ash is a hard wood which is light in colour. Ash also has an outsanding grain structure which enables you to show a beautifully done piece of furniture that is pickled in any colour or stained.

We offer 11 different colour selections for your furniture. Furniture can also be left natural in some cases we can add a simple gloss finish for the wood the speak for itself. Colours can be applied as a stain or as a solid colour (opaque).

Your masterpieces comes alive! Click here to sample our customization process online.