Our Showroom

Our showroom is located in the IDC Complex off the Mighty Grynner Highway. We are open Monday through Saturday, however our online showroom is open all day – everyday! Come on in, we have been waiting for you …

At our Living Bliss Showroom, we have a selection of our pieces on display for you to see, touch and experience. You see it, you love it – well it’s easy. Our helpful staff are here to walk you through our customization centre where you can decide on your choice of wood and colour.

Are you not able to really visualize your piece in one of our colours? Then let’s head online. Our staff is right there with you.

That’s not all!

In our showroom the layout is not just one of crafted furniture, but also what Barbados has to offer through the display of local artisans. Hence, the showroom décor consists of 80% local décor. From pottery to art-work and more, we truly believe in celebrating what we Barbadians can do! This is our place of Island bliss.

Find your bliss at our Online showroom or call us now to learn more and tell us, what makes your house a home.